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Weekend DIY projects

If you want to do something different on a weekend, pop into your local Builders Warehouse to gather your materials and supplies and get started on a weekend DIY project.


If your weekends are boring and you're looking for something new and exciting to do, DIY is fun and affordable and gives you the opportunity to be creative and make something for your home. And making your own stuff is also incredibly satisfying. We put together a selection of awesome pinterest DIY furniture projects that you can easily do in a weekend...

Storage Boxes

Grab some pine planks and cut them down to make easy storage shelves. Make up a huge bunch and join them all together to make an interesting and practical storage feature for any room in the home. These shelves would look great in a bathroom to display all your bathroom essentials, or in a kitchen for spices and condiments.

For even more storage, re-purpose timber crates, or make your own wine crates. Paint the inside of the crates in colours that complement our living space and then mount on the wall. Or use crates to make a simple room divider.

Hanging Shelf

Re-purpose a pine cutting board, or buy laminated pine to make your own circular shelves. Wrap these with thick string, coir or sisal rope to make a pretty hanging shelf for displaying small potted plants. Or make a hanging shelf using leftover scraps or reclaimed wood for next to the bed. We have simple instructions for a hanging bedside shelf that you can easily modify.

Chalk Paint Makeover

If you love picking up secondhand furniture or buying affordable pine pieces, give these a quick and easy makeover with Rust-Oleum Chalked paint. Available at most Builders stores countrywide, Rust-Oleum Chalked comes in 6 muted colours to brush on - and 10 spray on colours. Find even more projects and tips for using Rust-Oleum products in our Craft section.

Build a Bench

There are plenty of designs on the Internet for you to make your own bench in a weekend. All you need is a selection of pine planks that you can have cut to size at your local Builders, and some paint, stain or sealer to finish off. You can build a bench for outdoors in the garden, to provide extra seating at a dining table, or for seating at the end of a bed.

Coffee Table

Every home needs a coffee table or two, and it's easy to knock up a coffee table in a weekend. With hundreds of designs for a DIY coffee table out there, you can choose a design that fits in with your personal style.

Finishing off your coffee table with hairpin legs or try a simple project using pine dowels, like our kiddies table that also works great as a casual coffee table.

And if you don't find what you are looking for above, there are hundreds of projects in our DIY and Craft sections, whether you're looking for decor accessories to add some interest to a bare room, or quick and easy furniture to add to your home.


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